About Xander...

Despite his youthful appearance, Songwriter/guitarist player, Xander Marsden has already been playing and composing for over half his life.  Starting off and a rock-blues-influenced guitarist, while frequently involved with metal, jazz and pop projects, he’s become a well rounded musician as well – able to create powerfully melodic lines whether playing rock, blues, jazz or shredding.  Always mindful of what the song needs over simply playing to impress.  Moving quickly at a young age, he had the opportunity to play many of the famous LA/Hollywood venues – like The Whisky A Go Go, Viper Room, Hard Rock Hollywood, Molly Malone’s, The Kibitz Room and more – before he became a teenager, and has had the good fortune to play with or learn from some of the greatest guitarists, such as Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Monte Pittman and Robben Ford.

Xander has been a stand out from the very beginning, the guitar being a natural extension of him as he plays and performs. He’s also become fluent songwriting and is a solid drummer and bass player.  He loves working in the studio behind the recording desk as well, engineering, recording and producing. Not looking to fit any predefined stylistic molds, he looks forward to sharing his own unique music with the world.

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